Standing Seam Metal Roof in Whiting, NJ

Standing Seam Metal Roof in Whiting, NJ

When the residents at Cedar Glen Lakes Inc. in Whiting, NJ needed roof renovation, they looked to PRS to provide a standing seam metal roof to their facility.

Premier Roofing has been repairing, replacing, and installing roofs for 4 decades, making them the clear trusted professionals for the job. They service all of Southern NJ and Shore Points. With a team of skilled professionals prepared to provide the highest standards of service- from simple repairs to full roof replacements- the folks at PRS go into every site with dedication and integrity. When they got the call for a standing seam metal roof, they developed a fair and secure plan for Cedar Glen Lakes Inc. in Whiting, NJ.

Providing a Standing Seam Metal Roof

The original plan at Cedar Glen Lakes Inc. was to completely replace the metal roof. Thanks to the expertise of PRS, their assessment concluded the condition was still strong enough to only need added fixtures. Instead, PRS developed an alternate plan that would prevent leaks while being energy efficient, saving the owners thousands.

The technicians focused on insulation and layering to strengthen the roof. The crew installed 3” flute filler insulation and 2” poly iso insulation board over existing standing seam roofing. For extra protection, they installed TPO over the insulation. TPO is thermoplastic polyolefin, layered rubber for leak prevention.

The contractors at PRS also added snow guards to the entrances and r-value to the building. This full proof plan to rebuild a standing seam metal roof involved several components to make sure the new roof would last. By the end of installation, the folks at Cedar Glen Lakes Inc were happy with their new 60 mil TPO single ply roof.

Because of the work at Cedar Glen Lakes Inc, PRS completed their mission to “serve the industrial, commercial and residential communities of New Jersey with quality roofing products, uncompromising craftsmanship and excellent customer service”.

Photos of Standing Seam Metal Roof in Whiting, NJ

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Complete Roofing System in Toms River, NJ

Complete Roofing System in Toms River

Premier recently installed a complete roofing system in Toms River, New Jersey for John Marussiadis, a local resident in Toms River. Tom previously had a two layer shingle roof of approximately two thousand square feet. The roof was leaking in a number of spots, due to an outdated roof and badly damaged plywood beneath the shingles.

Premier Roofing removed the existing two layers of shingles, as well as all of the old decking. We replaced the plywood and installed a completely new Owens Corning roof system.

With the new roof, the homeowner has increased safety, improvement in the overall integrity of the home, increased curb appeal, and better resale value. The new roof on this Toms River home is a worthwhile investment that will pay off for many years to come.

Customer Quote About Complete Roofing Project – 

“Premier did an exceptional job making sure the substrate was in good condition for a new roof to be placed on”
– John Marussiadis, Homeowner 

Photos of Complete Roofing System in Toms River, NJ

Premier Roofing has been serving the Toms River area and beyond for over 40 years, with top quality roofing services, including installation, roof repair, and maintenance. We employ the best roofing professionals and use the best materials and roofing techniques to ensure safety and durability. A Premier roof on your home or place of business means quality and craftsmanship.

Are you a Toms River resident or business owner looking to completely remake your property’s roofing system? Let Premier Roofing be your choice to get the job done at a fair price. Premier offers free roofing quotes online or over the phone. Contact Us today and request a price – we’re looking forward to making your home safer!

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