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Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is different from residential roofing and requires an experienced and professional team with a specific skill set.

Commercial & Industrial Roofing

Commercial roof repair is not conducted the same way as roof repair is done on residential homes. There are also different warning signs to look for when determining whether or not commercial roof repair is needed. Premier Roofing offers commercial roof repair on all different types of buildings. Our team of professionals has the experience and training to provide a fast and effective solution. Here is a look at some common problems with commercial roofs:

Poor installation could significantly reduce its overall lifespan. A regular maintenance routine that includes checking for moisture and any noticeable changes in the structure is the best way to defend against these issues.

Commercial roofs fall under different classifications than residential roofs and Premier Roofing has a vast amount of experience in working with those roofing systems. Here are some of the commercial roof systems we regularly repair and maintain.

TPO and EPDM roofing are both single-ply roofing systems which are commonly installed on commercial buildings. These systems provide low-maintenance roofs which don’t normally develop very complicated issues. That allows for relatively simple and cost-effective repairs. PVC, built-up roofing and modified bitumen roofing systems each offer their own unique benefits for commercial roofing.

Premier Roofing provides quality commercial and residential roofing services throughout Southern and Central New Jersey.

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