Residential Roof Replacement in Brick New Jersey

Premier Roofing recently completed a residential roof replacement in Brick New Jersey at the home of Maynard Margeson at 572 Parker Ave in Brick, NJ. This waterfront home had 2,500 square foot, aging roof that was in need of replacement. Our work was complicated by the waterfront property having little space to throw discarded roof debris during the tear off. Our team carefully and meticulously removed the old roof, made repairs to the substrate and installed a new Owens Corning Duration Shingle Roofing system that should last the family for many decades to come. We were not the least expensive estimate the customer receveid but we performed a more comprehensive scope of work.

 “An exceptional job done by an exceptional company. I was hesitant in the beginning due to paying $1,200 more than another estimate but in the end I saw it was money well spent”
– Maynard Margeson – Homeowner

Before Residential Roof Replacement 

After Residential Roof Replacement

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