New Residential Roof in Toms River, NJ

Premier Roofing recently completed a new residential roof in Toms River, NJ. Have a look at the image below to see the amazing result, and see what a difference Premier Roofing can make for your home or place of business!

Jim and Mary Ann Vanorden had an aging 2,000 square foot roof that consisted of two layers of 3-tab shingles. While the home and the roof were very well maintained, the old roof was well past its prime and was showing considerable wear and tear, as were the gutters.

Premier Roofing removed the old two layers of roofing and rotten plywood. We replaced the old roof with new Owens Corning Duration Dimensional Shingles and replaced all the gutters with new seamless gutters. The customer now has a brand new Owens Corning roof with a full preferred warranty.

Quote from Customer about their new roof in Toms River, NJ

“They were fast, thorough and efficient. Premier Roofing had the manpower and skill set to complete our job in a timely manner and the cleanup was impeccable.”

– Jim and Mary Ann Vanorden

Photos of New Residential Roof in Toms River, NJ

Premier Roofing Services is your established and professional choice when you need a new residential roof in Toms River and the surrounding area. Click here to find out more about our residential roof replacement services in the region, including key things you should know about replacing your roof and whether it is worth the cost and effort. Or contact us anytime using our convenient chat function with your questions…we’ll be happy to answer them for you!

Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to replace your roof with a high quality roof that will last for many years. We keep our team trained on the latest roofing techniques, and use only the best quality materials. If you’re looking to replace the roof in your Toms River home, get started today…click here to request your free initial estimate!

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New 50 Year Roof in Toms River, NJ

New 50 Year Roof in Toms River, NJ

Premier Roofing recently installed a new 50 year roof in Toms River, NJ for John Goodman (not the actor) at 2229 Audubon Drive. The new roof is considered to be a “50 year roof”, because the shingles are warrantied for 50 years.

The existing roof was covered with old Tamko dimensional shingles. Tamko is a decent and respectable product, but their warranty is inferior to Owens Corning and as we know, all things degrade over time. We were able to enhance the look of this home using TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles.

These Owens Corning shingles are specially formulated to provide greater contrast and dimension to any roof. Through the use of multiple granule colors and shadowing, TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles offer a truly unique and dramatic effect. The exclusive combination of color and depth is what makes TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles like no other.

We removed the old roof on this Toms River home, including removing all of the obsolete and ineffective vent stalks, and replaced the old and rotting plywood. The new 2,000 square foot roof comes with a 50-year warranty for the homeowner’s protection, and will likely remain solid for as long as the homeowner lives in this Toms River home.

Features of New 50 Year Roof in Toms River, NJ

  • Size of Roof: 2000 Square Feet
  • Removed old roof
  • Removed obsolete vent stalks, replaced plywood
  • Installed new roof with 50 year warranty

Customer quote About New 50 Year Roof:

“Premier was fast acting to the call and stayed in constant communication throughout job ”
– John Goodman, Toms River, NJ

Are you looking to repair or replace the roof on your Toms River home? Reach out to the experienced and established professionals at Premier Roofing…we’re your proven choice for residential roofing in Toms River. Click here to request a free quote and get started adding a beautiful, durable and functional roof on your home!

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Roof Replacement in Manahawkin, New Jersey

replacement in Manahawkin

Premier roofing recently completed a roof replacement in Manahawkin, New Jersey for Connie Crammer. at her home on 107 Spinnaker Avenue. Have a look at the before and after collection of photos below to see the amazing results…and see what we can do to help keep your home covered and safe, wherever you are in the Long Beach Island area!

Connie’s home had an old roof that was showing wear in many places, and her gutters and downspouts were in bad shape. We replaced the old roof with Owens Corning shingles, and we fully replaced all of the down spouts and gutters as well.

Additionally, we removed the old chimney and replaced it with a new one that is sealed against water intrusion at the roof surface. Connie now has a roof that will last her many decades, and her home in Manahawkin is safe from leakage and other potential problems.

“This company was an absolute pleasure to work with.”
– Connie Cramer, Homeowner

Before Photos of 107 Spinnaker Avenue

After Photos of Roof Replacement in Manahawkin, New Jersey

Have you spent time searching for roof replacement in Manahawkin? Premier Roofing is your choice for both residential and commercial roofing throughout New Jersey, especially near the shore points including Long Beach Island. If your roof is in need of repair or replacement, reach out to us today and request an estimate.

Be sure to ask about all of our roofing and other services, including siding, seamless gutters, and sheet metal fabrication for your customizable needs. At Premier Roofing, we’re dedicated to a first class customer experience…from using top quality materials, to top notch craftsmanship in roofing installation, to exceptional customer service.

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Roof Replacement in Tinton Falls, NJ

Roof Replacement in Tinton Falls, NJ

Premier Roofing recently completed a roof replacement in Tinton Falls, New Jersey for Donna Wallis. Donna’s roof covers approximately 2,500 square feet and had two layers of old asphalt shingles that needed to be removed.

In addition to the roof replacement, Premier Roofing made repairs to some areas of rotted roof decking, and installed an ice shield roofing underlayment around the dormers. Ice shield is typically added to areas most prone to wind-drive rain intrusion.

The customer was very satisfied with the work performed.

“Premier was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. We are very pleased with them.”
– Donna Wallis: Tinton Falls

Features of Our Roof Replacement in Tinton Falls, New Jersey

  • 106 Colonial Dr Tinton Falls, NJ
  • 2 Layers of Old Asphalt Shingles
  • Rotted Underlayment Removed & Replaced
  • Ice Shield Applied to Dormers
  • New Owens Corning Tru Definition Shingles

At Premier Roofing, we provide full service roof replacement and repairs for both home and business owners throughout New Jersey, especially near Long Beach Island and other shore points. Our focus is on providing quality roofing products, uncompromising craftsmanship in roofing, and in top notch customer service.

Have you been searching for quality roof replacement in Tinton Falls? Reach out to Premier Roofing today! If you have an aging roof that needs repaired or replaced, we would be happy to give you a quote. Just contact us for an free same or next day estimate. We also offer seamless gutters, siding, and customizable sheet metal fabrication services.

Be sure to ask about our financing options…if you can’t pay for a new roof up front, we can work with you on a payment plan that suits your budget. If your roof is leaking or showing signs of disrepair, don’t wait…contact us today!

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Total Roof Replacement in Brick, NJ

Total Roof Replacement in Brick, NJ

Premier Roofing recently completed a completed total roof replacement in Brick, NJ at the home of Robert Fairweather on 801 Smith Road. Robert’s roof was visibly old and failing and had well surpassed it’s average lifespan. Premier completely tore-off all roof surfaces and installed new shingles using owens corning duration shingle in a slatestone color.

  • Location: Brick, NJ
  • Size of Roof: 1,600.00 sq ft shingle
  • Type of System: Owens Corning Duration

“Such a professional company with quality people. Only complaint is that I wasted time with other roofing companies before seeing the value in Premier Roofing”
– Robert Fairweather, Homeowner

Before Total Roof Replacement in Brick, NJ

After Roof Replacement

Are you a homeowner in need of total roof replacement in Brick? At Premier Roofing, we offer complete roofing services, from simple repairs to complete roofing replacements. We thoroughly inspect the condition of your roof and your home and recommend a solution that works best for your home and will properly protect you and your family. We are fully licensed contractors in New Jersey, and we stay on top of the latest roofing trends to provide the best service possible.

We work with you on choosing the right roofing options for your home style and your budget, and we install a roof on your home that will provide maximum protection from the elements and other potentially damaging events. We also offer financing options that enable you to have your new roof installed and protect your home now.

If you need a roof replacement for your home or place of business in Brick, don’t wait. Reach out to the experienced team at Premier Roofing today, and request a consultation with one of our representatives. We’re here to install a solid roof that will protect your property.

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Complete Roofing System in Toms River, NJ

Complete Roofing System in Toms River

Premier recently installed a complete roofing system in Toms River, New Jersey for John Marussiadis, a local resident in Toms River. Tom previously had a two layer shingle roof of approximately two thousand square feet. The roof was leaking in a number of spots, due to an outdated roof and badly damaged plywood beneath the shingles.

Premier Roofing removed the existing two layers of shingles, as well as all of the old decking. We replaced the plywood and installed a completely new Owens Corning roof system.

With the new roof, the homeowner has increased safety, improvement in the overall integrity of the home, increased curb appeal, and better resale value. The new roof on this Toms River home is a worthwhile investment that will pay off for many years to come.

Customer Quote About Complete Roofing Project – 

“Premier did an exceptional job making sure the substrate was in good condition for a new roof to be placed on”
– John Marussiadis, Homeowner 

Photos of Complete Roofing System in Toms River, NJ

Premier Roofing has been serving the Toms River area and beyond for over 40 years, with top quality roofing services, including installation, roof repair, and maintenance. We employ the best roofing professionals and use the best materials and roofing techniques to ensure safety and durability. A Premier roof on your home or place of business means quality and craftsmanship.

Are you a Toms River resident or business owner looking to completely remake your property’s roofing system? Let Premier Roofing be your choice to get the job done at a fair price. Premier offers free roofing quotes online or over the phone. Contact Us today and request a price – we’re looking forward to making your home safer!

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Multi-Tier Roof Replacement in Brick, New Jersey

Multi-Tier Roof Replacement in Brick, New Jersey

Premier Roofing recently completed a multi-tier roof replacement in Brick, New Jersey. This 2,300 square foot roof in Brick, NJ required the removal of the old shingles on all levels. The property owners called on Premier to handle the new roof installation after having repaired their existing roof multiple times in the past.

We replaced the old roof with new 30 year, 3-Tab asphalt shingles. This job was interesting because the home actually has four different roofing surfaces of differing elevations. Attention to detail and proper installation techniques were crucial to creating a perfect water-tight seal.

Quote from Customer in Brick, New Jersey

“Premier has made repairs for us in the past. New problems continued to pop up over time, and we knew Premier was the right contractor because of how professional they are.”
– Christine Wray, Homeowner

Photos of Multi-Tier Roof Replacement in Brick, New Jersey

At Premier Roofing, we’re dedicated to being your choice for first class quality roofing. The roof on your property couldn’t be more important to your safety, and it should be installed or repaired by professionals with experience. The team at Premier are all licensed, bonded and insured, and we’ve been proudly serving the New Jersey community with roofs of every kind for over half a century. We serve both commercial and residential property owners and keep their buildings safe.

Reach out to us anytime for roofing repairs, replacement or installation…we can install or maintain any type of roofing system, and we’ll work with you both on determining what your existing roof’s needs are. Should you need a roof replacement, we’ll help you with financing options to ensure that you can easily afford your beautiful new roof installation.

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Professional Roof Installation – How to Prepare Your Home and Family

Professional Roof Installation - How to Prepare Your Home and Family

It’s important to keep your roof in good condition, as it’s your home’s first line of defense against the elements. You should look for a professional roof installation from experienced experts to keep your home protected. An experienced roofing company will have the equipment and the expertise to keep your home and family safe throughout the entire process. That said, there are things you should do to prepare your home and your family for new roof installation to ensure the process goes smoothly.

1) Safeguard Children and Pets

Some children will find the roof construction exciting and want to get as close as possible to watch. Explain to them that during the installation of your new roof, certain areas of the yard are off limits. When removing the old roofing materials and transporting them to the ground, the falling debris could injure someone standing too close to the house.

Children, as well as most pets, may be frightened by the loud noises and if you have an infant in the house, nap time will be impossible. It may be more comfortable for everyone if you take the children and pets to visit friends or family during roof installation.

2) Move Your Vehicles

This is a good idea for a couple of reasons. First, your vehicles could be damaged by debris falling from the roof. Simply moving them away from the house could avoid any damage or the resulting inconvenience. Second, it will allow your contractor to move their vehicles closer, giving them easy access to their tools and equipment. Also, depending on the location of your driveway, the contractor may want to put a dumpster there to contain the removed shingles other discarded materials. This will make the roof installation process go smoother and quicker.

3) Remove Interior Decorations

There is going to be extensive banging and hammering throughout the roofing process. This will create vibrations which could cause pictures and other wall ornaments to fall and potentially be damaged. Before the work begins, walk through your home and remove anything in the walls and the ceiling that isn’t permanently mounted or screwed in. If you have anything stored in the attic, it should be covered, as the roof installation will create falling dust and debris. This will make the clean up easier.

4) Don’t Forget Outdoor Belongings

Outdoor furniture, BBQ grills, and decorations should also be moved away from the house to protect it from falling debris. This will also provide the contractor and their crew clear access to your roof without having to navigate around these items. If you have anything on your roof such as an antenna or satellite dish, these will also need to be removed before the work begins.

roofing toms river nj

5) Prune Trees and Cut the Grass

Any tree branches hanging over your roof should be cut back to give the contractor and their crew clear and safe access to your roof. It’s also important to cut the grass the day before the roof installation is scheduled. The shorter the grass, the easier cleanup will be. The crew will use drop cloths to protect the plants and grass immediately surrounding your house. You may want to take extra precaution by putting crates or boxes over garden plants.

6) Access to Power Outlets

There may be equipment used during the roof installation that needs to be plugged in. Outdoor outlets are ideal but if you don’t have any, identify outlets close to a window or door that an extension cord can be run through. Extension cords can create a tripping hazard so try to choose outlets that aren’t in a high traffic area and make everyone in the house aware that they are there.

7) Tell Your Neighbors

Let your neighbors know when the roof installation will take place. This will give them the opportunity to move their vehicles if they are in close proximity. It will also give them time to adjust their schedules as they may prefer to be away while the work is being done.

roofing contractors south jersey

Reach Out To Premier For Professional Roof Installation!

When it’s time for a new roof, you want to hire a company you can trust to provide quality and professional roof installation with superior customer service. Premier Roofing has over 40 years of hands-on experience in the roofing industry. Our team is made up of most qualified roofing professionals and we use America’s best materials. We are experienced in residential and commercial roofing. If your home or business needs a new roof or roof repair, give us a call today!

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Lakewood Roofing Companies

Lakewood Roofing Companies

Premier Roofing is the top choice among Lakewood roofing companies. With four decades in providing our services throughout the state of New Jersey, we remain local leaders of the industry, and we’re just as committed to top customer service today. We are full-service New Jersey commercial roofing and residential roofing contractors.

Our mission is to serve members of the industrial, commercial and residential communities who are looking for Lakewood roofing companies. We’re ready to repair or replace your current roof with quality roofing products, uncompromising craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

For our commercial clients, we offer a wide range of services that go beyond installation, repairs, and maintenance. We work with all types of clients, both business owners and homeowners. For residents who need roofing services, our team uses the best tools and methods to evaluate and recommend the right roofing solution to properly protect your home and your family from damage.

We offer a variety of residential roofing services ranging from roof repairs and maintenance to roof replacement and installation. The systems we used are world renowned and designed to provide safe and secure results. We specialize in built-up roofing, EPDM, TPO, PVC and Bitumen roofing systems.

Our team also provides gutters and siding for extra layers of protection for your home. We provide the installation of vinyl, aluminum, wood, masonry, or composite siding.  Premier Roofing is also 100% OSHA compliant, and our team is focused on ensuring safety, using the best equipment, offering competitive production and offering the best customer service.

Reach Out For Your Lakewood Roofing Needs Today!

Are you interested in repairing or replacing the roof on your Lakewood home or place of business? Don’t wait! Get started today by clicking here and requesting your free estimate, and let the professionals at Premier help better protect your property today!

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Ocean County Roofing Companies

.Ocean County Roofing Companies

At Premier Roofing Services, we are THE top name in Ocean County roofing companies! For more than 40 years, we have been the strongest full-service New Jersey commercial roofing and residential roofing contractors.  Our team is fully licensed and insured in New Jersey, and we strive to be leaders both in our craftsmanship and customer service. 

Our team of technicians, designers, and specialists will bring the best materials possible to build the strongest roof your building requires with a proactive agenda against outside damaging factors. Our hands on experience in the industry gives our clients the reassurance that we take complete control of the project, leaving no room for concern for them. We emphasize that our team remain current with the latest trends, advanced technologies and up-to-date products.

Our Ocean County Roofing Services

Premier Roofing can handle most any type of roofing job, wherever you are in Ocean County. Our services include:

Commercial Roofing

Installations – Installing a commercial roof takes proper training and close attention to detail. We specialize in:

  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hotels
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Senior living centers
  • Industrial facilities
  • Restaurants
Replacements – Some damage simply cannot be salvaged. We will evaluate the condition of your existing roof and then make suggestions on the best and most affordable solutions.

Repairs – Poor commercial roof repair or installation can result in problems that could significantly reduce its overall lifespan: leaks, bellowing, insufficient maintenance, and shrinkage. Call on us for repairs that are done right and built to last.

Residential Roofing

Installations – Installing a residential roof is a major investment and it’s important to choose a contractor you feel comfortable with. With us, we make sure to protect your home when removing your old roof, give it a full inspection, and water shield to protect the underlayment that will prevent leakage around any protrusions such as chimneys or exhaust vents.

Replacements – As a homeowner, you will one day be faced with the decision of whether to replace or repair your roof. Work with us to ensure the best cost needed, the best durability that will stand up to the elements, and a roofing option that will help you achieve the look you want.

Repairs – High winds, heavy precipitation, and drastic fluctuations in temperature can all result in damage to your roof. With our team, we can bolster your homes first line of defense in your roofing.

Roofing Systems

Our staff of professionals will assist you in making the appropriate choice for your building. We specialize in built-up roofing, EPDM, TPO, PVC and Bitumen roofing systems.

Gutters and Siding

Siding adds another layer of protection to your home. Our team provides the installation of vinyl, aluminum, wood, masonry, or composite siding. We then help to select the best gutter installation that to protect your siding and foundation from water damage.

The best in Ocean County roofing companies, Premier Roofing is set on bringing the highest quality to you.

Want to find out more about how we can protect your home or place of business with solid roofing? Click here to request a free estimate, and let us know what your roofing needs are.

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