Roof Repair in Forked River New Jersey

roof repair in Forked River New Jersey

Premier Roofing recently completed a roof replacement and roof repair in Forked River New Jersey at the home of Heather Hollywood. Heather has a lovely home with a 3,100 square foot roof at 111 Sunrise Blvd in Forked River. This is a beautiful home with a well manicured landscape that we took extra care to protect during the roof repairs. We tore the entire old failing roof system off and installed new flashing and seals. We also installed a new Owens Corning Duration shingle system in a slatestone color. It greatly improves the appearance of this already beautiful home.

“The process from our appt to ordering our roof could not have been easier. Punctual professional and polite”
– Heather Hollywood

Before Roof Repair in Forked River, NJ

After Roof Repair in Forked River, NJ

New Roof Replacement in Holiday City Neighborhood

new roof in Holiday City

Premier recently installed a new roof in holiday City at the home of Phyllis VanSoest at 23 Tropicana Court, Toms River, NJ 08755. The old roof was a standard 3 tab shingle that we completely tore off and replaced with a new Owens Corning Duration roofing system. 

“The value in Premier’s services and installation was evident from day one. Jack walked us through the whole process including our financing, and was always available”
– Phyllis VanSoest – Homeowner

Highlights of new roof in Holiday City

  • Remove 3 tab Shingles
  • owens corning duration shingle
  • 2,300.00 sq ft shingle roof
  •  Tear off all roof surfaces/ install new shingle
  • popular retirement community home

Before new roof in Holiday City

After new roof in Holiday City




New Owens Corning Roof in Toms River, NJ

New Owens Corning Roof in Toms River, NJ (3)

Premier Roofing recently installed a new Owens Corning roof in Towns River at the home of Charlene Nassaney at 69 Puerto Vallarta Street. Her old, 2,000 square foot, 3 tab shingle roof was in bad shape. We did a tear off all roof surfaces and installed new shingles. We also added new gutters and downspouts.  

“There was no pressure from Jack to sign with Premier. He simply explained their roofing system and the value of their services was seen immediately”
– Charlene Nassaney

Before New Owens Corning Roof in Toms River, NJ

After New Owens Corning Roof in Toms River, NJ

Roof Replacement in Point Pleasant, NJ

Roof Replacement in Point Pleasant

Premier Roofing recently completed a roof replacement in Pont Pleasant, NJ at the home of Dan Kleissler. Dan lives at 1307 Barton Avenue and has a 1,700 square foot roof. The roof was traditional shingles and there were two layers that needed to be removed. Dan opted for a full Owens Corning Duration roof system in a lovely teak color. We tore off all roof surfaces before installing the new shingles. There was a roof leak in back of house that first prompted Mr. Kleissler to call us.

 “It was a pleasure doing business with Premier. Honest, transparent and always there to answer my questions”
– Dan Kleissler

Before Roof Replacement in Point Pleasant

After Roof Replacement in Point Pleasant



2700 sq ft Roof Replacement in Toms River, New Jersey

Roof Replacement in Toms River, New Jersey

Premier Roofing Recently completed a 2700 sq ft roof replacement in Toms River, New Jersey for Mr. Joe Testa. Mr. Testa’s old roof consisted of two layers of three tab shingles and was very aged. Premier Roofing removed Mr. Testa’s old roof and installed new Owens Corning Onyx Black roof.

The service is great. They helped us with tarping our roof after a wind storm. They dealt with our insurance company for us as well. The workers were excellent, clean, and thorough. They are a great company to work and do business with.
– Mr. Joe Testa, Homeowner

Photos of Roof Replacement in Toms River, New Jersey

Lakewood Roofing Companies

Lakewood Roofing Companies

Premier Roofing is the top choice among Lakewood roofing companies. With four decades in providing our service, we remain local leaders of the industry. We are a full-service New Jersey commercial roofing and residential roofing contractors. Our mission is to serve the industrial, commercial and residential communities who are looking for Lakewood roofing companies. With quality roofing products, uncompromising craftsmanship and excellent customer service call us today for your inquires. 

For our commercial clients, we offer a wide range of services that go beyond installation, repairs, and maintenance. We work with all types of clients, both business owners and homeowners. For residents who need roofing services, our team uses the best tools and methods to evaluate and recommend the right roofing solution to properly protect your home and your family from damage.

We offer a variety of residential roofing services ranging from roof repairs and maintenance to roof replacement and installation. The systems we used are world renown and designed to give the safe and secure results. We specialize in built-up roofing, EPDM, TPO, PVC and Bitumen roofing systems. 

Our team also provides gutters and siding for extra layers of protection for your home.We provide the installation of vinyl, aluminum, wood, masonry, or composite siding. 

Premier Roofing is 100% OSHA compliant with a team focused on ensuring safety, carrying the best equipment, offering competitive production and offering the best customer service.

Ocean County Roofing Companies

.Ocean County Roofing Companies

We are THE top name in Ocean County roofing companies. For more than 40 years, we have been the strongest full-service New Jersey commercial roofing and residential roofing contractors.  Fully licensed and insured in New Jersey, our team strives to be leaders both in our craftsmanship and customer service.  Our team of technicians, designers, and specialists will bring the best materials possible to build the strongest roof your building requires with a proactive agenda against outside damaging factors. Our hands on experience in the industry gives our clients the reassurance that we take complete control of the project, leaving no room for concern for them. We emphasize that our team remain current with the latest trends, advanced technologies and up-to-date products.

Commercial Roofing

Installations-Installing a commercial roof takes proper training and close attention to detail. We specialize in:

  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hotels
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Senior living centers
  • Industrial facilities
  • Restaurants
Replacements- Some damage simply cannot be salvaged. We will evaluate the condition of your existing roof and then make suggestions on the best and most affordable solutions.

Repairs- Poor commercial roof repair or installation can result in problems that could significantly reduce its overall lifespan: leaks, bellowing, insufficient maintenance, and shrinkage

Residential Roofing

Installations- Installing a residential roof is a major investment and it’s important to choose a contractor you feel comfortable with. With us, we make sure to protect your home when removing your old roof, give it a full inspection, and water shield to protect the underlayment that will prevent leakage around any protrusions such as chimneys or exhaust vents.

Replacements- Homeowners will one day be faced with the decision of whether to replace or repair their roof. Work with us to ensure the best cost needed, the best durability that will stand up to the elements, and a roofing option that will help you achieve the look you want

Repairs- High winds, heavy precipitation, and drastic fluctuations in temperature can all result in damage to your roof. With our team, we can bolster your homes first line of defense in your roofing.

Roofing Systems

Our staff of professionals will assist you in making the appropriate choice for your building. We specialize in built-up roofing, EPDM, TPO, PVC and Bitumen roofing systems.

Gutters and Siding

Siding adds another layer of protection to your home. Our team provides the installation of vinyl, aluminum, wood, masonry, or composite siding. We then help to select the best gutter installation that to protect your siding and foundation from water damage.

The best in Ocean County roofing companies, Premier Roofing is set on bringing the highest quality to you.

Click here for more information on what we offer for financing and a free estimate. 


New Roof for Bayside Home in Toms River

New Roof for Bayside Home in Toms River (2)

Premier Roofing recently completed a total roof replacement for this bayside home in Toms River, New Jersey. The bayside home located at 539 Bayview Dr Toms River, NJ is very exposed to weather due to storms that come up the coast as well as winds from the bay. The old roof was badly damaged and consisted of 2 layers of old shingles. We removed the old roof, and made repairs to the siding and window areas. We then installed Titanium udl 30 high temp ice shield (titanium defense package), deck defense synthetic underlayment and dura ridge cap shingles. The customer now has a 30 year roof with Owens Corning true definition duration shingles.

Project Features:

  • Remove 2 Layers of Shingles
  • Made Repairs to Surfaces and Decking
  • Installed Titanium Ice Shield
  • Installed Deck Defense Underlayment
  • 30 Year Owens Corning Shingles

Quote from Customer:

“I was confident Premier was the right contractor within the first five minutes, with that being said I cancelled my other appointments. I absolutely made the right choice.”
– J.R. Aloise

Project Photos:

Are you in need a of roof repair for your seaside home? We can help.



Brick Township Roofing Companies

Brick Township Roofing Companies

Looking for Brick Township roofing companies? Premier Roofing is the last stop you’ll need. With over 40 years of experience in the roofing industry, Premier Roofing served several commercial and residential roofing needs, from roof installation to repair and replacement. Our team values safety and security, developing a thorough inspection process, to quickly identify trouble spots design innovative solutions to your roofing problems. With our hands-on approach, we strive to correct the issue and prevent it from resurfacing in the future.

Our team takes the founding morals and values of the company seriously. The team is comprised of trustworthy, reliable professionals who consistently provide the best craftsmanship and customer service possible. The technicians at Premier Roofing are the most qualified roofing professionals who utilize the best materials in America. We use the hallmarks of integrity, teamwork, and professionalism as the pillars that keep our services strong. Our staff is routinely trained on the most up to date products and techniques. Knowing the ins and outs of the most recent developed methods and tools not only makes our team stronger and ahead of the times, but gives our clients the best assurance of getting the best possible results.

We’re aware that many roofing issues fall in your lap seemingly out of nowhere- and that can cost. Keeping in line with our ideas of maintaining an enthusiastic and optimistic approach to what is usually a burden, we offer financing options better any other Brick Township roofing companies.

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