3,400 Sq Ft Roof Replacement in Jackson, New Jersey

Roof Replacement in Jackson New Jersey

Premier Roofing recently completed a roof replacement in Jackson New Jersey for Mr. Andy Babco at 140 North New Prospect Road. It’s one of many roofing projects we’ve completed for property owners throughout Ocean County and the Jersey Shore region and beyond, and we can do the same for you!

The replacement of this 3,400 square foot roof involved the removal of one layer of old three tab shingles and the addition of ridge vents with external baffles.

Not only will the new roof provide protection from the elements, it will also give the home better curb appeal due to the new architectural definition of the roofing system. 

Premier just completed a friend of mines roof, they were highly recommended. Now I am recommending them to friends and family.
– Andy Babco, Homeowner

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