2,500 Sq Ft New Roof in Toms River, New Jersey

New Roof in Toms River

Premier Roofing recently installed this 2,500 square foot new roof in Toms River, New Jersey for Mr. Frank Tursi at 23 North Tunesbrook Drive. We hope you’ll have a look below at the amazing finished results, and the difference that Premier Roofing can make for your Toms River home or place of business.

This well-maintained property was given additional appeal when we removed two layers of old asphalt shingles and replaced them with new slate-colored, Owens Corning Dimensional Shingles.  

The new roof on this home represents the final piece of the puzzle on an immaculately maintained property. The shingles add dramatic color contrast and dimension to the home. 

“Premier project manager is what sold me. Premier performed excellent service and in a timely manner.”
– Frank Tursi: Homeowner in Toms River

Features of New Roof in Toms River, New Jersey

  • Removed Two Layers of Asphalt Shingles
  • Owens Corning Dimensional Shingles
  • Same Day Replacement
  • No Mess or Property Disruption

Photos of New Roof

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