New Roofing in Bayville, New Jersey

New Roofing in Bayville

Premier Roofing recently installed new roofing in Bayville, New Jersey at the home of Jack and Peggy Lyons who reside at 13 Jibsail Drive in a Bayfront home. The Lyons family reached out to us at Premier Roofing because they had felt it was time to get their old shingle roof replaced. Their concern was with how old the roof was, being a waterfront home their shingle roofing has taken a beating from the constant wind coming from the sea. Our team came out to their house, gave the Lyons an estimate, and once a price was agreed upon we got to work. Our team began with removing the old shingles on their roof and then proceeded to replace the old roof with a new Owens Corning duration shingle roof. This top-of-the-line system is designed to withstand the harsh coastal environment, providing the Lyons family with peace of mind for years to come. Our team removed and installed approximately 2,800 sq ft of shingle roofing and covered the multiple elevations of the Lyons unique and savvy home. The new roof gleams under the sun, a silent promise of protection against future storms. And the best part? The Lyons family were so thrilled with the work that they left us a five-star review. The Bayville project was more than just a roof replacement; it was a partnership with the elements, a showcase of human ingenuity. It’s a reminder that a well-built roof is more than just a barrier – it’s a confidence booster, a silent assurance that your home can handle whatever the Atlantic throws its way.

“Jack addressed every aspect of the roof installation, but was the deciding factor was when he addressed the project clean up, and he was right, it was immaculate”
– Jack Lyons Homeower

Before New Roofing in Bayville

After New Roofing in Bayville

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