Complete Roofing System in Toms River

Premier recently installed a complete roofing system in Toms River, New Jersey for John Marussiadis at 239 Cabrillo Blvd in Toms River. Tom previously had a 2 layer shingle roof of approximately 2,000 square feet. The roof was leaking in a number of spots due to an outdated roof and badly damaged plywood beneath the shingles. Premier removed the existing 2 layers of shingles as well as all of the old decking. We replaced the plywood and installed a completely new Owens Corning roof system.

Customer Quote About Complete Roofing System in Toms River, NJ

“Premier did an exceptional job making sure the substrate was in good condition for a new roof to be placed on ”
– John Marussiadis, Homeowner 

Photos of Complete Roofing System in Toms River, NJ

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