New Roof at 17 Tavernier Street in Toms River, NJ

17 Tavernier Street in Toms River

Premier Roofing recently installed a new roof at 17 Tavernier Street in Toms River, New Jersey for Ed Burglar. Ed’s 2,600 square foot roof was failing including a section of flat roof above the entryway. PRS removed the entire old roofing system including 2 layers of shingles and the flat roof over the low slope front porch roof that was leaking. We replaced the main roof with a new Owens Corning roof system and Installed a TPO roof system over the flat entryway roof. We offer free roofing quotes via email and even our online chat system! Contact Us to learn more.  

Features of  17 Tavernier Street Roof

  • Removed 2 Layers of Asphalt Shingles
  • O.C. Duration Series Shingles
  • TPO Roof System Over Front Porch Roof

Quote from Customer

“Premier had done repairs for me previously. I knew I would be in good hands with them on my roof replacement.”
– Ed Burglar

Photos of  17 Tavernier Street Roof

Cedar Glen Lakes Community Building in Whiting, NJ

Premier Roofing recently replaced the 7,000 square foot roof on Cedar Glen Lakes Community Building in Whiting, New Jersey. The building at 100 Michigan Ave Whiting, NJ had an aging roof that was in need of repair. We replaced the old EPDM rolled over two ply built up roof with a new 60 mil TPO roof system. We removed two layers of flat roofing and install tapered insulation for proper drainage. 

Features of Cedar Glen Lakes Community Building

  • Tapered insulation
  • Removed roof top units
  • Installed new drains
  • Shingle Mansard

” We originally called Premier in on a roof leak. After speaking with them we decided they would be taking care of all our roofing needs.”
– Cedar Glen Lakes Representative

Project Photos



Central Jersey Roofing Companies

Central Jersey Roofing Companies

For residents in Central Jersey searching for roofing companies, Premier Roofing is the team you can rely on. With 50 years of crafting the best roofs, you can be assured that our technicians will provide the most diligent work to your property of the highest standards. Our team is made of the most qualified roofing professionals, using the best equipment to install the best materials. It can be a pain trying to locate those trouble spots, but with Premier Roofing we use a through inspection process that can quickly uncover the problems your roof is facing, and design the right solution for your properties faults.

We believe in training and providing the best team possible with a hands on approach to treat every client with the best care possible. Our team is continually being trained in the best techniques for the latest products. With teamwork being a staple of our success, we encourage our technicians to bring new and innovative ideas to enhance our quality of work and expand the possibilities of their craftsmanship.

Finding the right team to fix the issues your damaged roof is facing can be difficult. From identification to price pointing,  it can be challenging to find comfort in contracting the right roofing professionals. That’s why we believe in carrying the workload for you. It’s simple really- contact us and request an estimate today, and we’ll come to you!

As one of the longest running roofing companies, Premier Roofing provides quality commercial and residential roofing services throughout Southern and Central Jersey.

Holiday Service Center and Car Wash in Toms River, NJ

Holiday Service Center and Car Wash

Premier recently replaced a standing seam metal roof for Holiday Service Center and Car Wash in Toms River, NJ. The old 1,500 square foot roof used Butler style metal panels. We replaced them with .040 aluminum standing seam mansard. Premier Roofing removed old metal mansard, replaced all decking, fabricated and installed .040 aluminum panels.

“Premier replaced our flat roof originally, since then we have decided Premier will be handling all our roofing needs”
– Service Center Owner

Photos of Holiday Service Center and Car Wash