3,200 Sqft Roof Replacement in Bayville, NJ

Roof Replacement in Bayville

Premier Roofing recently completed a 3,200 square foot roof replacement in Bayville, New Jersey, for Sheila and William Brazzano at their home on Timberline Road. Have a look at the pictures below to see the amazing results. We can do the same for your Bayville home!

The home owners’ old roof was comprised of two layers of aging three tab shingles. There were also areas of rotting plywood that needed to be replaced and sealed.

Once we replaced the plywood and added new flashing, we installed Owens Corning True Definition Duration Series shingles that should last at least the next 30 years.

We are very happy with the overall work. We would most definitely recommend Premier.
– Shelia Brazzano, Homeowner

Features of roof replacement in Bayville, New Jersey

  • Removed two layers of roof shingles
  • Replaced and Sealed Rotting Plywood
  • Installed A New Underlayment
  • Added New Owens Corning True Definition Duration Series Shingles

Photos of roof replacement in Bayville, New Jersey

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