Central Jersey Roofing Companies

Central Jersey Roofing Companies

For area residents and business owners searching for Central Jersey roofing companies, Premier Roofing is the reliable answer. As one of the longest running roofing companies, Premier Roofing provides quality commercial and residential roofing services throughout Southern and Central Jersey.

If your home of place of business is showing leaks, worn shingles, or other potential problems, it’s time to get the roof inspected and possibly replaced. You may not have as much time as you think, and roofing problems will get worse over time. Letting a roof deteriorate, especially if the original construction isn’t of the highest quality, could lead to building damage and much more costly repairs, not to mention increased health and safety risks.

Your Central Jersey Roofing Experts

With 50 years of experience crafting the best roofs in the region, our technicians can provide the most diligent work to your property while following the highest standards.

Our team is made of the most qualified roofing professionals, using the best equipment to install the best materials. It can be a pain trying to locate those trouble spots, but with Premier Roofing we use a through inspection process that can quickly uncover the problems your roof is facing, and design the right solution for your properties’ faults.

We believe in training and providing the best team possible, with a hands on approach to treat every client with the best care. Our team is continually being updated in the best techniques and in using the latest products. Teamwork is a staple of our success: we encourage our technicians to bring new and innovative ideas to enhance our quality of work and expand the possibilities of their craftsmanship.

Finding the right team to fix the issues your damaged roof is facing can be difficult. From identification to price pointing,  it can be challenging to find comfort in contracting the right roofing professionals. That’s why we believe in carrying the workload for you. It’s simple really – contact us and request an estimate today, and we’ll come to you and get started!

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Brick Township Roofing Companies

Brick Township Roofing Companies

Premier Roofing of NJ is the answer to your search for Brick Township roofing companies! With over 40 years of experience in the roofing industry, Premier Roofing provides commercial and residential roofing needs, including roof installation to repair and replacement. We serve home and business owners throughout the Ocean County region with first class roofing services.

If you’re experiencing leaks, deteriorating shingles, or other problems, it’s wise to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. Problems with roofs grow worse over time, especially during weather events, and may cause more problems and costly damage to your home. Let a qualified professional take care of the problem, and keep your home or place of business safe.

Your Brick Township Roofing Professionals

Our team values safety and security, and we use a thorough inspection process to quickly identify trouble spots and design innovative solutions to your roofing problems. With our hands-on approach, we strive to correct the issue and prevent it from resurfacing in the future.

Premier Roofing the founding morals and values of the company seriously. Our team is comprised of trustworthy, reliable professionals who consistently provide the best craftsmanship and service possible. The technicians at Premier Roofing are among the most qualified roofing professionals in the region, and they work with the best materials in America. We use the hallmarks of integrity, teamwork, and professionalism as the pillars that keep our services strong.

Our staff is routinely and continually trained on the most up to date products and best roofing practices. Knowing the ins and outs of the latest methods and tools not only makes our team stronger and ahead of the times, but gives our clients the best assurance of getting the best results.

We’re aware that many roofing issues fall in your lap seemingly out of nowhere – and can cost money you may not be ready to spend. Keeping in line with our ideas of maintaining an enthusiastic and optimistic approach, we offer financing options that are more flexible than most Brick Township roofing companies.

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New Jersey’s Commercial Roofing Experts

New Jersey’s Commercial Roofing Experts

At Premier Roofing, we’re dedicated every day to being New Jersey’s commercial roofing experts. We’re a full service roofing company based in Toms River, and we handle everything from simple roof repairs to complete roof replacements for New Jersey businesses. At Premier, no job is too big or too small, and our team of professionals is licensed, bonded, and insured, with nearly half a century of roofing experience.

For commercial entities, of course a quality roof on your facility is important. Leaks are obviously not good for business, but neither is a roof with missing tiles, shrinkage or bellowing. Your roof is not only protecting your building, it’s part of the overall impression you make on employees and customers.

Our New Jersey Commercial Roofing Experts’ Services

At Premier Roofing, our commercial roofing experts handle any roofing task:

Roof Installation. We take care to pay attention to all of the details with your roof installation; installing a commercial roof includes many factors that make it different from a residential roof. We’ve built all types of commercial roof installations, and we’ll install a roof on your business that looks and functions great.

Roof Replacement. We know replacing your roof is a major business decision, so we provide a careful analysis of your facility and existing roof, and recommend the ideal replacement method and materials. Our assessments are designed with your best interests in mind, to help you make the best decision regarding your roof replacement.

Roof Repair. Commercial roofs often have leaks, bellowing, shrinkage, or simply insufficient maintenance. If a roof is poorly installed or repaired, it could result in problems that reduce its lifespan. Premier Roofing regularly repairs and maintains built-up roofing systems, thermoplastic roofing, EPDM roofing, PVC roofing systems and much more.

Whatever your business’s roofing needs, Premier Roofing is the number to call for New Jersey’s commercial roofing experts. Reach out to us today or use this online form to request a free estimate. At Premier Roofing, we cover it all!

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Jersey Shore Roofing Companies

Jersey Shore Roofing Companies

Premier Roofing is dedicating to being your easy choice for Jersey Shore roofing companies. We’re conveniently based in Toms River, and we’re available to provide for both your roofing repairs and completely new installations for your shore home or business. Our professionals are all licensed, bonded and insured, and we’ve been handling roofing jobs of every size for nearly 50 years.

When it comes to your home or business at the Shore, the quality of your roof is vital. Should your roof grow leaks, it can be damaging both to your business, rental income or resale value. It’s also bad for business, whether you own a restaurant or rental property, when customers see visible bellowing, shrinkage and missing tiles. When selling or renting, your roof is a huge part of the impression your building makes.

Our Jersey Shore Roofing Services

At Premier Roofing, we offer a variety of roofing services to Jersey Shore residents and businesses:

Repairs. If your home or business facility has a roof that hasn’t been properly maintained and shows clear signs of leakage or bellowing, call us. Our roofing professionals can repair and maintain most any type of roofing system, from thermoplastic to EPDM and much more.

Replacement. We know that replacing a roof is a major undertaking, and we take the time to do the job right. We carefully analyze your existing roof, and recommend the best replacement method and materials to you.

Installation. Our installations are ideally suited to the type of building, and we take care to look after the different factors involved for residential and commercial roofing. Our experienced team will install a new roof that both looks great and has a long lifespan.

Let Premier Roofing be the answer to your search for Jersey Shore roofing companies. Call us today or request a free estimate online. At Premier Roofing, we cover it all!

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New Shingle Roof in Toms River, New Jersey

Premier Roofing recently completed a new shingle roof in Toms River, New Jersey at the home of Sarah Wardell who lives at 139 Northumberland Drive. Sarah was so impressed with the roof we did at her daughter’s house that she called us to install her new roof. Her old 1,800 square foot shingle roof was showing quite a bit of wear and had been patched many times before. Premier Roofing did a complete tear-off of the old shingles and installed a new Owens Corning Duration roof in a desert tan color.

Before New Shingle Roof in Toms River

After New Shingle Roof in Toms River

“After seeing the job that was done at my daughters house, my choice was easy! Premier did not disappoint me and my decision. ”
– Sarah Wardell, Toms River

Do you need a new Roof? Request an Estimate Online today or call us at (732) 244-8588.

2,100 Square Foot Roof in Toms River

2,100 Square Foot Roof in Toms River

Premier just completed this 2,100 square foot roof in Toms River at the home of Mr. Al Buzzell on 1916 5th Avenue. Our team tore off all roof surfaces and installed new Owens Corning duration, onyx black shingles. Per the customer’s request we did not add a ridge vent due to new solar attic fan he had installed. 

 “My estimate was done a day after calling and when I told Jack that my install wouldn’t be happening for about 3 months, he didn’t even batt an eye and remained in contact until the install. ”
– Al Buzzell, Homeowner

Photos of 2,100 Square Foot Roof in Toms River

New Roof at 19 Bedford Ct in Toms River, NJ

New Roof at 19 Bedford Ct in Toms River, NJ

Premier Roofing recently installed a brand new roof at 19 Bedford Court in Toms River at the home of Ann Visaggio. Ann had a 2,200 square foot roof that had failed causing wood rot. We started by removing all roof surfaces and installing 7 new sheets of plywood where there was damage. We even installed new fascia and soffit along the back of her home before installing new Owens Corning Duration shingles in a slatestone gray color.

 “On time, clean and polite. 3 things that most contractors are not. Premier is in my opinion what others should strive to achieve”
– Ann Visaggio: homeowner

Photos Before Roof Replacement

Photos After Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement in Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Roof Replacement in Little Egg Harbor Township

Premier Roofing recently completed a roof replacement in Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey at the home of Judy Manni on 41 Sunrise Bay Blvd. Judy called us after we completed her neighbor’s roof just a short time ago. She was amazed by how quick, efficient and meticulous our crews were and decided to have us replace her 3,100 square foot shingle roof.  

Highlights of Project

  • Tear Off all Roof Surfaces
  • Repair Several Leaks
  • Install 3 Velux Skylights

“Watched my neighbors roof being installed and after seeing the attention to detail and meticulous clean-up, I knew Premeir was the correct choice”
– Judy Manni: Homeowner

Before Roof Replacement in Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ

After Roof Replacement in Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ

New Owens Corning Duration Roof in Toms River

New Owens Corning Duration Roof in Toms River

Premier Roofing recently installed a new Owens Corning Duration Roof in Toms River at the home of Jon Holmes who lives at 308 Pemberton Street. Jon has solar panels so they needed to be removed before we could repair the leaking roof. Once removed, we used 12 new sheet of plywood to repair the roof before installing 2,400 square feet of new Owens Corning Duration shingles in Driftwood color.

“Absolutely the best, they did everything they said and then some. Highly recommend Premier Roofing”
– Jon Holmes, Homeowner

Before New Owens Corning Duration Roof in Toms River

After New Owens Corning Duration Roof in Toms River

Another Satisfied Roofing Customer in Toms River

Another Satisfied Roofing Customer in Toms River

Premier Roofing recently completed another roof replacement in Toms River, this time at the home of Gary and Joanne Weiner on Utah Drive.

“Originally I thought I had called a different roofing company for an estimate. Jack came over and walked us through the procedure and when I asked what company he was from again, we all had a big laugh because I didn’t remember calling Premier thank god for my ERROR, I couldn’t be happier”

– Gary Weiner – Homeowner

Photos of roof replacement in Toms River